If you’ve gotten a Seasons order recently, you’ve probably been grateful that the wearable items were inside the black reservation bag and not, in fact, the bag itself. Maybe that goes without saying — unless you’re going for some Rick Owens FW 13 type look

This is all to say that we know the Seasons bags are starting to look a little beat up and we think that’s okay! These humble black bags have been through a lot and, to be honest, are the MVP of this Seasons operation. 

Sustainability is an important topic in fashion these days and one that we take seriously. We’re not an environmentally circular company and renting clothes is not a net-zero process when it comes to carbon emissions. We believe rental can, however, help cull the excessive consumption that currently defines the retail landscape that is contributing an astronomical amount of waste.

Our Seasons bags are cleaned, sanitized and evaluated after every use to ensure the products inside reach your door in perfect condition. When the bag does reach your address, know this is one of many journeys our hard-working friend will make to help us avoid using cardboard or other single-use materials for shipping (our hangers are also made of recycled wood!). 

As always, if there are ever any imperfections with your Seasons order, don’t hesitate to reach out! In the meantime, we appreciate your support in helping us do our small part in turning the tide of fashion’s wasteful bad habits.