This time of year there are few things better than new jacket. As the temperature drops, summer's hectic pace dials down a notch and small details come back into focus. Since 2016, one of our favorite New York City brands producing luxury garments for this time of year has been Bode, the innovative label with an old soul designed by Emily Adams Bode. From quilt jackets to embroidered shirts stitching hundreds of years of history together, we're excited to release new items from the brand's FW20 collection, available now on Seasons.

Floral Redwork Shirt

A key component that keeps Bode’s garments fresh but familiar from season to season lies within its source material. When it comes to repurposing early 19th century items, both physically and inspirationally, it’s difficult to resurface two identical pieces. Even as Bode continues to grow, a through-line of pre-industrial mass production continues to blend through its collections. It’s not just that the quilts or other antiques that inspire individual pieces are cool. It’s that each reference piece itself exists within a web of artisanry and culture. 

Tobacco Flag Patchwork Shirt & Pant

As specific and intricate as many Bode pieces appear — like they ought to be displayed in a museum — they also live up to the level of craftsmanship that would make their origin garments proud. 

“If you don’t actually wear it you don’t cherish it quite the same way,” Emily Adams Bode explained to Blackbird Spyplane about her collection. “You’re not gaining much seeing it hanging in your closet — your deeper understanding of aesthetics and who you are comes from using objects. You can’t be scared to wear something.”

Some of the wearable pieces from Bode’s Fall collection include the matching Tobacco Flag Patchwork Shirt and Pants inspired by early 19th cigarette packaging. Similar era pieces like the Bengali Tableau Workwear Jacket and Floral Redwork Shirt fuse historical American design with international craftsmanship by way of cotton blankets sourced and produced in India. 

Bengali Tableau Workwear Jacket

Even in times of varying use, a wardrobe should be more of a tool shed than a museum and Bode’s garments are eager to fill the role. You can browse the brand’s full selection of pieces available on Seasons now either on our website or directly in the Seasons app