Earth Day 2020 may be restricted in its ability to unite the masses in demonstration for the betterment of our environment but that doesn’t mean its virtues are going unrecognized this year: particularly in fashion. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the fashion industry produces 10% of all global carbon dioxide emissions every year and while it’s true fast fashion is largely to blame, it’s also true that very few truly circular fashion brands and companies exist at any scale and none of the industry's components are exempt from responsibility.

Within the flow of sustainability-driven initiatives in fashion is clothing’s core relationship to the earth. One trend that has been gracing runways and paparazzi feeds while being both accessible and eco-conscious is gorp. A colloquial term for trail mix, gorp (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) and gorpcore has grown in popularity along the rise of outdoor brands, those with a vested interest in sustainability that pair with a lifestyle and hobbies dependent on a healthy environment. 

Like any "core" trend (normcore, dadcore, etc.) in the years since gorp’s boom, its style code has expanded. This Earth Day, many people will be rethinking the value and scope of their wardrobe, in doing so opting for functionality over style. With gorp, the two sides don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We’ve highlighted some pieces available to rent from the Seasons catalog along with items from eco-friendly brands to help unpack a trend we feel is particularly relevant to fashion's push for greater sustainability.


A hallmark to gorp fashion is both layering and puffy outerwear. In warmer seasons, you can still achieve a similar aesthetic by scaling down the layers and building around singular pieces. If cooler temperatures are still in your forecast, a Duvetica Hooded Puffer is a sleek and colorful upgraded on a standard winter puffer and a great piece to have on-hand during an outdoor trip. Fleeces are typically used as an underlayer in gorp outfits but still make for great lightweight outerwear during spring months and cool summer evenings. Patagonia is, of course, a quintessential gorp brand and you can never go wrong with a time-tested pile pullover. 18 East's Cloch Hand-Qulited Pullover is a similar option made with breathable nylon and enough pockets to store your hiking accoutrement.


Vests are another staple to gorp style and a particularly useful piece to accent your outfit in warmer months. Braindead's Sherpa Tactical Vest adds flair to the front pocket fisherman-style vest look. Carhartt is another staple workwear and outdoor brand and its popular WIP line produces a classic quilted vest. Finally, Engineered Garment's Ripstop Field Vest bridges the gap between techwear and gorp with classic military styling that is tailored and functional for outdoor activity.


Baggy bottomwear and wide silhouettes compliment layered looks and are still a solid choice for spring and summer. Cargo pants are a perfect fit and increasingly available option from a number of brands. John Elliott Canopy Cargo Pants are an adjustable and durable cargo option in a green colorway that can pair with bright tops or matching earth tones. Snow Peak's DWR Rip Stop Pants are a simple but well-executed outdoor pant from the classic Japanese outfitter.


The most important piece to any true gorp outfit is the footwear. Even if you aren't taking your soles off-road, gorp-approved footwear can help you navigate the often overplayed chunky footwear trend. Salomon offers versatile hiking shoe options as well as more casual sneaker fits like the XT-WINGS 2 ADV. Finally, no conversation about outdoor footwear would be complete without mentioning the classic Hoka One One.