Over the past six months, as outdoor life and outfits alike have once again become a part of our lives, we have been fortunate to see incredible interest in our unique little service. Together, we’ve helped tackle some of the difficult questions posed to fashion’s environmental future by simply getting off sick fits, but those victories haven’t come without their baggage. 

For example, our weekly product drops aren’t always accessible to current members, monthly plans aren’t always flexible to changing schedules and, above all, the freedom of choice offered through rental hasn’t always been present within our catalog. Today, we’re excited to launch an updated version of the Seasons membership model that we believe will fix some of these issues and improve the overall Seasons experience. 

Starting today, all Seasons memberships will be priced at $20 per month which will grant you access to the Seasons catalog as well as cover monthly shipping and dry cleaning costs, similar to our previous membership model. You can also secure your spot for the year by subscribing at our discounted $195/year price. Any charges on top of your $20 membership fee are up to you and whatever fits your current clothing lifestyle best. 

Members will no longer be tied to a monthly item count. Every piece in the Seasons catalog now has an individual rental cost so you can place a reservation for as many (well, up to 6 for now) or as few garments as you’d like. You can now swap items freely and place new reservations throughout the month, as needed. Each item price is based on a 30-day rental but you’ll be billed in accordance to how long you’ve had the item — so go nuts! 

Current members can find a full breakdown of subscription details in both the Seasons app and on our website. If you’re a longtime member, you will also have the option to keep your previous plan through our grandfathered credits system. Already have a Seasons account but are currently waitlisted? You can log in and request access now. First time here? Learn more by creating a Seasons account and downloading our app. 


📲 All Seasons membership plans now start at $20/month

🏷 Each item within the Seasons catalog will have an individual rental fee

🛍 You can place as many reservations as you’d like throughout the month and keep items for as long or a little as you’d like — your “tab” will be calculated and billed every 30 days. 

💳 Longtime members will have the option to keep their previous billing cycle through our grandfathered “credit” system