Member Spotlights are a chance for us to show off the great style and taste within the Seasons community. This week, Ariana Nathani shares her NYC inspiration, love for high-low dressing and how menswear has helped exercise her creative styling.

Hi Ariana, what’s your favorite Season?

Any season where you can wear a light jacket with shorts, or long pants with a short sleeve, so fall or spring.

What keeps you busy these days?

During the day I am a digital experience designer at Johnson & Johnson. I get to work on user experience, research, and interfaces across all sectors of J&J to enhance the future of healthcare tech!

At night I work on my podcast, Drinks First. I interview anonymous singles and my listeners can match with them. Between seasons I interview NYC-based influencers on their dating lives. It’s been super fun to grow something on my own that allows people to connect in a new and exciting way, especially during Covid. I just got picked up by an agency so come summer we’ll be doing a lot of fun new things! You can follow along @drinks.first!

Auralee Light Wool Max Gabardine Double Jacket

How would you describe your taste in clothing?

I like to think my style is pretty simple and comfortable which is maybe why I tend to like streetwear. I like to stay up to date with trends but I’ll usually dress monotone with a staple piece. I’d also say I do a lot of high-low mixing, I have no issue in wearing a $5 t-shirt with an expensive bag or jacket. I really believe it’s how you wear something, not necessarily what you’re wearing.

What influences your style?

I don’t really look to influencers or celebrities for fashion inspiration that often, though I do love Billie Eilish. I like to take more from my surroundings and daily life, I get inspired by the people of NYC, TikTok, my mood that day etc.

Deveaux No Pocket Resort Shirt

Who are some of your favorite designers/brands right now?

Casablanca, Gucci, Off-White, Area, Fendi, Brandon Blackwood, Telfar.

How long have you been a Seasons member?

Since Spring/Summer 2020!

Heron Preston Nasa Hoodie (left) Prada Lightweight Jacket & vintage MC Escher tee (right)

How would you rate your membership with Seasons so far?

11/10. It’s been so fun getting new clothes every month. It’s really cut down my consumption of buying new things and has allowed me to expand my style, especially wearing men’s clothing, having to make it work with my current wardrobe has been a great exercise in styling.

Do you have a particular favorite piece from the Seasons catalog?

The Casablanca Chambre Printed Denim Jacket. I’ve kept it for a while because it's just so beautiful and I always get compliments on it! It also dresses up any single color outfit beautifully.

Casablanca Chambre Printed Denim Jacket

You can follow Ariana on Instagram @ariana.nathani and check out our previous Member Spotlight here.