Member Spotlights are a chance for us to show off the great style and taste within the Seasons community. This week, Jeremy Leung stops by to share his love of Japanese menswear, music fashion and how rental has afforded him a more playful personal style.

What do you do for work?

I’m a commercial illustrator and art director, specializing in conceptual drawings for various media publications such as The New Yorker and The Atlantic. Most recently, I’ve been creating animations and directing other illustrators for some fun new projects!

What is your favorite season?

Spring because it represents change and regrowth after a harsh winter; I find myself more open trying new things and that’s reflected in the way I dress.

Keenkee Leather Coat, Dries Van Noten Tallis Knitted Sweater, Auralee Hard Twist Wool Dobby Slit Slacks

How would you describe your taste in clothing?

It changes pretty frequently and that’s why I love New York but I would say it’s always been rooted in Japanese menswear. From there, I’ve been experimenting with unconventional fabrics, and gender-neutral silhouettes. You’ll never see a logo on me, bottom line.

What influences your style?

My peers but also musicians. There's so much to be said for how an artist’s craft translates into how they dress that resonates with me. Yves Tumor, Kali Uchis, FKA Twigs, Arca, Tyler the Creator are all major inspirations.

Marni Mohair Sweater

Who are some of your favorite designers and brands right now?

Shirting from Dries van Noten and Our Legacy, Rick Owens footwear. . . AURALEE, Craig Green, Professor.E

Has renting clothes affected your style?

For better or worse, I have an emotional connection to clothing. Renting garments has made me question how much ownership of an item is wrapped up in that and whether I care to actually keep something of value in the long-term. If I’m constantly evolving as an individual, renting certain items definitely makes sense to me. A service like Seasons has given me room to be more playful in the way I dress.

Dries Van Noten Tallis Knitted Sweater, Auralee Hard Twist Wool Dobby Slit Slacks

Do you have a particular favorite piece from the Seasons catalog?

The Judy Turner Laurence pullover; it brought out a "Divine Feminine" within me to start the spring season on the right foot.