Member Spotlights are a chance for us to show off the great style and taste within the Seasons community. This week, Jorge (JP) Perez shares his bicostal fashion interests, love for loafers, hip-hop and the Seasons pants he's been living in.

Hi JP, what's your favorite season?

I’d have to go with winter. Weather here in California during the colder seasons rarely dips below 65 degrees, but I look forward to busting out my jackets and cardigans, you know, really start dressing.

What keeps your busy these days?

I’m a financial analyst for a commercial real estate firm in downtown Los Angeles. I know, not your typical jawns enthusiast profession but hey, at least I get to wear loafers to work every day (pre-Covid of course). Outside of work, I help run a creative agency called The Zenith Class, which is a collective of creators where we put on semi-regular events showcasing local artists.

How would you describe your taste in clothing?

If I had to condense it into words, I guess I would say grown man streetwear with a preppy vibe. I really just go with what I think looks tight to me. It’s all about staying true to myself while having fun with it. Recently I’ve been rotating through different pairs of trousers and loafers. I love the trouser and loafer combo because I could dress it down with a simple heavyweight tee or dress it up with an oxford button-down and sweater. I also love wearing statement pieces where my fit is centered around a loud shirt or pant.

What influences your style?

The music I listen to influences a lot of my style. One of my favorite artists of all time is Tyler, the Creator and I pull a lot of my own personal style from him for sure. A$AP Nast is another artist who is out here really dressing and unapologetically being himself. I appreciate the versatility he shows in the fits he puts together. Nast also has the most insane Prada menswear collection from like every season going to back to the 90’s or something.

Other than artists or stylists that I admire, I always try to stay up to date with what my favorite stores are stocking. Mohawk General Store and Union out here in Los Angeles are two of the best doing it right now. Union has such a wide variety of brands from local streetwear to high fashion. I actually copped my first ever Thom Browne piece from Union. Mohawk General Store is where I go to find some of my favorite Japanese brands as they regularly carry Needles, Engineered Garments, and Issey Miyake.

Our Legacy Sonar Roundneck Sweater (left) & Bode Delhi Flower Shirt (right)

Who are some of your favorite designers/brands right now?

Right off the bat, I’m going with Stüssy, Noah, and Aimé Leon Dore. Stüssy went on an absolute tear last year, from their own drops to their collabs with some of my other favorite brands like Our Legacy. Noah is one of those brands that I consistently buy at least one piece from each collection they drop. Aimé Leon Dore, truly the definition of grown man streetwear. They always put out dope garments that highlight the importance of combining simple silhouettes with high-quality fabrics. There’s really nothing more I could ask for. Also, shout out Deveaux New York, a brand I discovered through Seasons that has quickly become one of my favorite brands of 2021.

How long have you been a Seasons member for?

I’ve been a member for about 4 months, but I’ve known about Seasons for a minute now. Shout out Throwing Fits, the only podcast that matters, for putting me on. As soon as Seasons rolled out services to LA, I immediately signed up.

How would you rate your membership with Seasons so far?

10 out of 10. Being the constant shopper that I am, Seasons is great for cutting down on buying too many clothes that I ultimately won’t wear. The platform also lets me try certain garments that I wasn’t too sure about just yet. I’ve been eyeing those Homme Plisse Issey Miyake pleated pants on Grailed for like a year and now that I’ve tried them through Seasons I will definitely be copping.

Auralee Wool Silk Mix Tweed Slacks

Do you have a  favorite piece from the Seasons catalog?

It’s got to be the Auralee Wool Silk Tweed Slacks (pictured above). I could live in those pants.

You can follow JP on Instagram @easybreezybeautiful_jp and check out our previous member spotlight here.