While cultural trends can help us define specific moments in time, longevity is often best evaluated from a distance. Recipes that put a few natural ingredients centerstage tend to stick around longer than ones coasting off the latest riff.

It's true a balanced diet can include both flavors (variety is the spice of life and all that) but in fashion’s current climate a slow burn throwback feels even more warming. Since its founding in 2015, Japanese menswear brand Auralee’s has built a directive through their fabric-first mindset, offering a fresh take on menswear classic.

Suri Alpaca Shaggy Check Blouson

This latest collection features pieces made from organic wool, cashmere, alpaca, nubuck leather and various blended combinations. Sourced exclusively from Japan, the collection’s ensembles are elevated through simple, clean tailoring and well-executed closet staples like overcoats, cardigans and sweaters. 

Wool Silk Mix Tweed Blouson & Slacks

Ryota Iwai’s pedigree for fine fabrics began while working for the Japanese knitwear brand Norikoike. His focus on material mindfulness over design extravagance has followed suit with a growing sect of streetwear focused on more muted trends. 

“I believe people are seeking the essentials,” Iwai told Highsnobiety earlier this year. “While trends are volatile and speak to a moment in time, great materials, quality, and earnest craftsmanship will be necessary and relevant in any era, and people will always have an eye for this. People will start dressing for themselves again.”

Wool Silk Mix Tweed Blouson & Slacks

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