As we continue to dive into our Spring/Summer '21 releases, we wanted to waste no time introducing our next capsule. In recent years, Auralee has arrived as one of the most exciting and influential young brands emerging out of the bastion of style that is Tokyo and Japan at-large.

While many American style enthusiasts might associate Japan's current fashion output with loud smiley faces from the likes of Kapital and rebuilt tie-dye shirts from Needles, Auralee has opted for a distinctly quieter brand motif — one emboldened by its masterclass in material sourcing. For Fall/Winter '20, we were introduced to Auralee via a mix of fine tailoring and everyday wearables presented through a smorgasbord of mouth-watering fabrics (tweed, organic wool, cashmere, alpaca, nubuck leather).

For Spring/Summer '21, designer Ryota Iwai continues to refine a core ethos of relatively trendless yet exceedingly timeless clothes. "There is no fantasy," Iwai explained matter-of-factly to Fucking Awesome about the collection's focus on wearability. Wool gaberdine suiting is matched with relaxed silk shirts and shorts. Comfortable knits put Auralee's high bar for materials center stage in the form of cardigans, crewnecks and hoodies.

Browse looks from the capsule below. Items from Auralee's Spring/Summer '21 collection are available to reserve now on our website and in the Seasons app.

Light Wool Max Gabardine Double Jacket
Light Wool Max Gabardine Slacks
Hemp Rib Knit Big P/O
Hemp Rib Knit Big Cardigan
Finx Nylon Chambray Field Coat
Finx Nylon Stretch Wide Slacks

Browse the full selection of Auralee items available on our website or the Seasons app.