During winter months, a piece of proper knitwear feels more like an acquaintance than an inanimate garment. Putting on a heavy sweater becomes an increasingly satisfying and almost primal act as the temperature dips. Since launching in 2018, these familiar, intimate and non-binary characteristics of knitwear have helped define the independent New York City brand Judy Turner. 

Founded by creative director and designer Conley Averett, the brand builds upon a long lineage of the city’s crocheting and knitting traditions. Each collection borrows both inspiration and expertise from a community of knitting artisans around Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay. Much like the qualities of hand-knitted garments, Judy Turner’s pieces embody delicate design fused with lasting integrity. Garments that are as soft as they are dependable and as stylish as they are accessible. 

Clark Cardigan

Averett’s brand derives from his drag queen pseudonym/identity which itself combines his love for the Golden Age of Hollywood (Lana Turner and Judy Garland). Despite focusing on men’s knitwear, Judy Turner’s collections are brilliantly fresh in the way they capture knitwear's nondiscriminatory and non-binary characteristics. The cuts and fabrics cover a range of silhouettes that are welcoming to any wearer. Golden Age Hollywood flare mixed with a 1970s retro look have bled through Judy Turner’s early motifs as the brand continues to build upon a foundation of reimagined knitwear.

Ezekiel Pullover

In time for winter, Seasons is thrilled to make available new items from Judy Turner’s expanding collection. The range of pullover knits and hoodies join our existing collection of cardigans and also hand-made knit shorts, perfect for indoor lounging and any mild outdoor excursions that may be on your agenda in the near future. 

Laurence Pullover & Taylor Shorts

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