Since 2013, Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi’s STORY mfg. has continuously reinvented the conventional thinking around what it means to be a sustainable fashion brand. Going above the idea of zero-impact production, STORY clothes are made with the intention to positively impact the environment around them. At a small atelier in South-East India, STORY’s garments are weaved, dyed and embroidered through a level of patience unconcerned with the industry’s often illogical fashion calendar.

The themes and principles within STORY’s collections don’t pivot widely from season to season as they continue to master timeless questions relevant well beyond the world of fashion. “A love for the earth, craft, plants, happiness and good friends,” they explain in regards to their latest adventure.

For Fall/Winter ‘21 staple hiking pullovers are hand crotched and dyed using bark and madder. Shirt styles range from spacey designs to traditional artwork, all doused in a sheen of natural indigo dye. Silhouettes are often spacious with room for draping, a practical combination for the outdoor settings in which the garments are theorized to be worn within.

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Short on time Jacket - Block Velvet Double Date & Forager Pants
Short on time Jacket - Iron Nice Trip & Lush Pants
Polite Pullover & Lush Pants
Keeping Jumper & Lush Pants
Greetings Shirt - Indigo Peace Clamp & Forager Pants
Snack Shirt & Forager Pants
Forager Jacket
Snack Shirt - Peaceful Resist
Algebra Shirt & Forager Pants