“A reaction to Swedish winter,” OAS strives to make the most of summer months and weekend getaways. Founded in 2010, Oliver Adam Sebastian’s initialized namesake brand started with a simple directive around living in the moment.

A native to Sweden’s harsh winters, Sebastian grew up cherishing family vacations abroad during summer months. Trips to Barcelona were a well-earned reprieve that offered a peek inside a world on a different tempo, one accented by vibrant and celebratory sartorial traditions. Sebastian began bringing back the city’s warm styles to friends and family in Sweden. The country’s familiar practicality fused with Mediterranean flair would soon become the foundation to the young designer’s burgeoning brand.

Colorful palates and bright prints help thaw muted winter styles. Inseams are low and robes are plush to accommodate a range of adventures meant to be spent while the sun is still shining and cold, dark months wait at a later date.

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Desert Shirt & Long Terry Pants
Meadow Cuba Terry Shirt
Machu Terry Shirt
Trippy Shirt
Leo Robe & Terry Long Pants