Late summer air and early fall breezes, this week's catalog drop welcomes bookends to two of the most exciting young menswear designers currently working. Our first drop from Wales Bonner's Fall/Winter '21 collection previews colder weather styles while our final styles from Bode's latest collection supplements summer's final days.

For Wales Bonner’s Fall/Winter ‘21 collection, the LVMH prize-winning designer concludes a trilogy of explorations that have unpacked the many cultural threads linking British and Jamaican culture.

For the set’s introduction in Fall/Winter ‘20, Bonner honed in on British Jamaican fashion trends during the 1970s from the perspective of south London. For a warmer weather follow-up in Spring/Summer ‘21, the designer’s lens was flipped across the Atlantic to dive into 80s Jamaican, dancehall-inspired style. For the final chapter this season, themes from the previous capsules inform a higher perspective on African diaspora with expansive and diverse prints, dashiki silhouettes and more.

Alongside the first drop of items from Wales Bonner’s latest collection, we also welcome the conclusion to Bode’s Spring/Summer ‘21 collection through three of the pillars capsules: rugby shorts, crocheted tops and colorful summer shirts.

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Wales Bonner London Tracksuit
Wales Bonner London Tracksuit Bottom
Bode Wavy Chenille Shirt
Bode Checkboard Rugby Shorts
Brixton Chenille Vest
Diamond Crochet Tank
Acne 2003 Vintage Denim Pant

Browse and reserve new arrivals on our website and in the Seasons app.