For a brand whose evolution has been obsessively tied with innovation, a trip through Stone Island’s archive is like uncovering a blueprint devoted to garment experimentation. The Italian brand’s mad laboratory that has been cooking up new textiles, colors, layers and pocket placements is quite literal and a badge of honor for the brand.

The other badge of honor is a less hidden symbol. The recognizable patch remains consistent through collections while the military-inspired pieces it is stitched upon alters with the latest breakthrough in water resistance or heat-sensing color dye technology. Since the brand’s conception by Massimo Osti in 1974, the obvious has played an important role in the brand’s success (not dissimilar from the way modern streetwear brands like Palace or Supreme have sprung off a consistently occurring logo) but the longevity of Stone Island is a credit to their devotion to wearable clothing mutation.

Marsh Camo Raso Watro Fleece Lined Jacket

Our curated selection of vintage Stone Island pieces, ranging from recent to collections to mid-aughts drops, makes available both the pop culture and textile-intensive appeal that the brand equally shares.

In 2008, Stone Island’s pedigree of technical outerwear production led them to a match-made-in-heaven collaboration with the design team with the German conceptual techwear Acronym. Stone Island Shadow Project captures the signature styles of both brands, seen in pieces like the Asymmetrical Pile Fleece Jacket.

Other pieces within the new Archive drop like the Marsh Camo Raso Watro Fleece Lined Jacket from Stone Island’s AW07 collection show off the brand’s long-standing love for practical military design flavored through their recurring themes (fleece lining, concealed zip, sleeve patch).

Washed Grey Overshirt

In recent years, Stone Island has thrived by navigating the space between luxury fashion, sportswear and streetwear. The brand being a de facto uniform within European football culture for nearly 4 decades is a testament to its ability to produce lux-quality garments with enough edge to blend in during everyday life while still being highly sought after. Its fluidity between European luxury and sports subculture has primed it to expand cultural appeal where diverse figures ranging from Pep Guardiola to Drake, Spike Lee to Steven Spielberg and many more have all cosigned the brand over the years.

Quilted Resin-Coated Down-Filled Coat

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