The industries in which we operate–fashion, technology, media, art–are not meritocracies. Power, access and finances are not evenly distributed and people of color are often, if not always, the most affected by a system whose roots were never designed to be inclusive. Despite its mistreatment, black creativity has remained a primary source of influence in American culture for centuries.

A core goal of Seasons is to foster a community and movement within fashion where those interested in clothing can participate, interact, learn and build a better future. We understand that we, as a company, have access to networks, materials and resources that individuals do not and it is therefore our responsibility to share the foundation on which we hope to build. We do not wish to build a community that reflects the past. For as much beauty and progress the fashion industry has created, many of its virtues were only made possible through exploitation of marginalized people.

We do not believe a simple gesture on social media or one-time donation alone is enough to ensure a long-term commitment to change within the space our company occupies. Starting immediately, we are launching the Seasons Creative Project. Every Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, we will select one underrepresented creative to receive a grant of $7,500. We hope each donation can directly benefit individuals’ ability to continue creating in their respective field. Through each selection process, we will strive to not only give back to marginalized communities but also leverage the money, access and resources we have as a company to the benefit of those who may otherwise be overlooked.

You can find a full list of project details and apply on our website.