This month marks the 1-year anniversary since Seasons first began, and maybe this goes without saying, but wtfffffffff. Like everyone else, we’re extremely excited to see the calendar flip to 2021 but, and we can not emphasize this enough, we would not be crossing this milestone without the support of our great members.

In the twelve months since launch, we've been forced to tackle many unique questions related to not only the importance of our service but also the place of clothing in our current lives at large. Ultimately, this introspection helped us grow and adapt Seasons in ways we wouldn’t have considered had 2020 not played out the way it did. As we cross this marker, we are excited to introduce a handful of those new upgrades to you.


Seasons is expanding across the United States. We’ve been working hard to incorporate (our patiently waiting) West Coast members on the waitlist and we are excited to begin onboarding and servicing members across the country.

Seasons is also now accessible on the web. Members can subscribe, browse and place reservations directly on our website. This addition means we will now begin extending invitations to waitlisted members on non-iOS devices as well as continuing to onboard members utilizing our iOS app.

Active members will now have unique referral codes associated with their account. Referral codes will grant discounts to new members as well as the referring member whose code is used upon subscribing. New members will also have access to our updated Essential and All Access subscription plans with flexible slot options.

We are excited to continue introducing new brands to the Seasons catalog as we enter 2021 while also expanding style options and inventory with some of our most popular brands.

Members can now access their accounts via web browser and iOS app

Once again, we would like to thank the founding members who rode with us through 2020 and we can’t wait to continue to grow the Seasons community in 2021. As always, feel free to reach out to