Yesterday we began sending out face masks to Seasons members. We hope these masks can fulfill a need similar to the rest of the items in the Seasons catalog; augmenting wardrobes in a way that is individually fulfilling and also better for the world around us. . Unfortunately, the daily choice to wear a mask is less exhilarating than trying on a  new Stone Island or Acne jacket. Its effect, however, is much more immediate.

The face mask has been around for a long time and the sooner we incorporate it into our current outfits, the sooner we may no longer need it. Right now, masks are a tool to rebuilding communities and returning to normal life, not a handicap to masculinity or personal style and we  encourage non-members to also find a great mask that works for them.

The Seasons masks are non-medical but include an opening for a carbon insert. They're made of neoprene fabric and are machine washable. They are breathable and tight-fitting (so if you wear glasses they will hopefully fog up a bit less). We hope everyone stays safe and also finds new ways to incorporate this piece into their daily outfits.