In Seasons Selects, we're rounding up a quick list of accessories and apparel to compliment your next outfit. Whether your forthcoming winter months are looking mild (lucky) or frigid, a reliable umbrella is a must-have. Check out our Seasons-approved picks below.

Hay Canopy Umbrella

- Canopy Umbrellas: making you less annoying on the sidewalk since whenever they were invented

Click to Shop ($18.75)

James Smith & Sons London Umbrella with Redwood Crook

- If anyone knows how to deal with the rain, it's Londoners (Exhibit A)

Click to Shop (£65)

London Undercover Compact Foldable Umbrella

- Exhibit B

Click to Shop (£32.50)

Snow Peak Ultra-Light Umbrella

- Matching spork, highly encouraged

Click to Shop ($54.95)

Paul Smith 'Swirl' Canopy Umbrella

Business on the outside, swirl on the inside

Click to Shop ($250)