Seasons Spotlight is a chance for us to show off the style and taste of members within the Seasons community. This week, Ankit Vij shares his bi-coastal fashion influences, minimalist inspiration and how the changing pace of city life has affected his overall outlook on style.

What do you do for school/work?

My background is in social media marketing across entertainment and tech industries. I’m currently consulting brands on how to grow their business at Facebook/Instagram. My cooking skills have leveled up during this quarantine so I might say I’m on my way to becoming a chef too. 

How long have you lived in New York City?

Four years, officially. I lived here for a summer my junior year of college back in 2015 for an internship at SoundCloud. It wasn’t an easy transition to say the least but by the end of that summer, I fell in love with NYC so much that I came back a week after graduating in 2016 and have been here ever since. 

How have you been handling quarantine?

We're constantly on the move here in NYC, so I've enjoyed having more time to reflect and slow down to get some perspective. I'm incredibly privileged to be able to do my work remotely, which is unfortunately not a reality for those putting their health at risk to keep the world going (shoutout to all the frontline workers!). After I wrap up with emails and meetings during the week, I usually decompress through boxing workouts, trying new recipes, catching up on shows (currently watching “Last Dance” and “Billions”) and spending time on my creative muses which are film photography and music. 

We're constantly on the move here in NYC, so I've enjoyed having more time to reflect and slow down to get some perspective.

It's difficult because I've always drawn inspiration from my experiences and interactions with people, especially being in New York City, but learning how to find inspiration in other ways now. Physical separation has been tough, especially with most of my family on the other side of the country, but the FaceTimes, Zoom calls, and Houseparty sessions provide me with that comfort and community we all need right now. I'm hoping we all come out of this more compassionate and grateful for the little moments. Check in on your people, but remember to check in on yourself too!

How would you describe your style and taste in clothing?

Less is more! High quality, minimal, and versatile pieces are my go-to. I tend to wear a lot of monochrome colors (read: black) and pair it with whatever sneakers I’m feeling that day or a pastel statement piece.

What influences your style?

I draw inspiration from experiences so it’s constantly evolving. My dad loves showing me photos of him wearing Air Max’s and Nike tracksuits in India during the 1980’s, and I basically inherited that love for vintage sportswear. Growing up in California, spending time overseas, and now being in New York has influenced my style because it exposed me to so much culture and inspiration. I take those experiences and combine them in ways to express myself. Nothing makes me feel more connected to my California roots than a pair of Old Skools -- wasn’t too happy with that GQ article that named them the best office shoe though.

Who are some of your favorite designers/brands right now?

I love what Chris Stamp has built with STAMPD, everything from the brand aesthetic to the collections represent Southern California. Hill City is another favorite that has consistently designed some of the best technical menswear pieces that are great for any situation. Other favorites are Aimé Leon Dore, John Elliott, and BWC Garments.

How long have you been a Seasons member for?

Since January 2020, shout out to my boy Myles for putting me on!

How would you rate your membership with Seasons so far?

Incredible. The Rent the Runway model is so successful in my opinion because I think people generally have commitment issues with spending a ton of money for pieces they may only wear a few times. Having access to high quality pieces for big meetings, events, or even for those nights out in the city has been a game changer -- for now my work from home fits will be on a different level.

Do you have a particular favorite piece from the Seasons catalog?

The Acne Studios Mylon Matt Bomber hands down. The boxy fit, the satin, the intricate details… you can’t go wrong.

Where can we find you on social media?