While other parts of the country and world weigh reopening businesses, Seasons, along with many others, continues to trek along in the work from home world. We're told our office plants are still alive but the landlord removed the stove from our kitchen (I know, right?). Hopefully we, and everyone else pining for normal work life, will be back in the office soon. In the meantime, if you have a recommendation for a Zoom team building activity that is less complicated than a mixology course but more exciting than Cards Against Humanity, please reach out.

Regy, CEO

"WFH Essentials: Water, coffee, Grovemade stand, Braun clock, and art by Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch."

Faiyam, Lead Backend Engineer

"I keep an oil lamp lit always almost 24/7 for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it brings some of the natural world -- fire -- into my working environment. The other things I love about my setup are my autonomous.ai desk, which rises and falls at the push of a button, my 34 inch monitor (don't know how I survived on 13 inch before it...), and my copper water pot and cup. Water is amazing once it's sat in copper for a while."

Perla, Director of Operations

"WFH has been tough for me; I’m an extroverted person, so I like being around others, but I also find solitude comforting when I’m listening to music. YouTube has single-handedly kept me sane! One of my goals during this WFH period is to watch all 800+ Tiny Desk concerts; I think I’ve watched roughly 50, so I have a ways to go. Apart from what I’m watching/listening to, I found that being in a calm, comforting environment (similar to the ~vibes~ the Seasons’ office gives me) has helped me concentrate as well. I quickly found out trying to work from my bed was a bad idea."

Francisco, Director of Finance

"My apartment's kitchen has essentially become my WFH office , which to be honest, I find aesthetically pleasing and relaxing (something about the stainless steel and the white counter tops just do it for me). The kitchen's island has become my desk and it’s the perfect height to accommodate working while sitting or standing. The essentials, however, have not changed: a cold brew always available to drink, my wallet always on site, and Bad Bunny always on queue to lift up the mood."

Myles, Art Director

"This is my old room in SF, where I first went freelance as a designer and art director. The bay windows brought through the best light from 4-6pm."

Dmitry, Software Engineer

"Having worked remotely for two years in the past, my set up has not changed much. My trusty 4K monitor keeps me company. I learned early on that, the Mac having a Retina display means any auxiliary display must be 4K or better, otherwise all hell breaks loose. It's also important for me to keep my desk clean. If it's not, the OCD takes over most of the brain's clock cycles and I won't get much done. A medieval map of Iceland hangs high above the desk as a reminder that it's ok to get lost in the rabbit holes that I often descend into when debugging or writing new code."

Rob, Social Media

"I’ve been fortunate enough to stay with family during quarantine. The benefit has come in the form of home-cooked meals and in-home laundry but the tradeoff has been worse internet speed and fewer office amenities. I read an article that keeping screens at eye level may help my rapidly deteriorating posture (see: Catan box) but have otherwise gone for a minimalist approach to working from home."

Kieran, Lead Front End Engineer

"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."