Throughout the early 2000s, Japan emerged as an international destination for vintage clothing shoppers. Historic outlets like Chicago, Ragtag, Blueworkerz and numerous other boutiques within Tokyo emerged as style factories, cataloging eclectic collections of worn and used clothing from around the world. Even Kapital, the white-hot Japanese denim exporter, started as a vintage store specializing in 1970s and 80s Americana.

For Seasons buyer Jesse Hudnutt, journeys through Japan’s tightly-packed vintage clothing stores offered a unique education into an encyclopedia of fashion history. A foundation to Tokyo street style has long been a connection between vintage and designer clothing, pairing tradition with current trends. While the art and diffusion of American archive clothing spread around the globe, New York City's own institutions expanded. Shops like Tokio 7, Metropolis Vintage and countless others cataloged decades of the city's fashion cycle through second-hand selling.

Over the past decade, the internet has democratized the world of archive clothing. Buying and selling second-hand is no longer limited to a local thrift store or vintage shop. In many ways, the internet itself reflects the stimulation of the archive world. Countless Instagram accounts catalog the styles and trends of past eras, Tumblr pages serve stimulation overload like a disorganized floor-to-ceiling pile of old t-shirts.

Online marketplaces currently serve as a platform for expert and entry level shoppers to make use of what has already been produced. Nostalgia, economics, sustainability and accessibility have all played a role in archive clothing’s current popularity but the interest also comes at a time when the industry has begun rethinking its own relationship with time, seasons and trends.

Great clothes are great clothes and we believe the past still lends itself to dressing for the now. What archive items lack in newness, they make up for by way of history. Through the Seasons archival section, we hope to add unique history and vibrance to our catalog, made possible by yesterday’s clothes.

In the Archive section, you’ll find garments celebrating historic eras of fashion, music, film, media and beyond. From 80s concert merchandise to early 2000s runway pieces, we're hoping to add a unique array of textile designs, production styles and items with comfortable wear that can bring style and biography to any outfit or wardrobe.

In the coming weeks, we'll be releasing multiple capsules of archive clothing geared towards summer styles. Seasons members can browse and reserve new items from the app and our full catalog is also available to view online.