The journey of finding your personal style is a bit like trying to find the meaning to life; it never really ends and anyone who tells you they’ve cracked the code has definitely not cracked the code. Something that is for certain, however, is the unique feeling that comes with putting on a piece of clothing that aligns with your personal expression. One way of doing that is going straight to the source. The books, music, movies and other areas that make up our interests—and by effect part of our identity—are a great place to explore  personal style whether you’re early on in your journey or past your first rodeo.

With our archival shirt series, we hope members are able to pick out a piece that has an extra pinch of meaning on top of just being a timeless or well-fitting garment. It could be a reference to a book you had to read in high school (Don Quixote) a movie that isn’t meant to be scary but you saw it at too young of an age so now you always associate it as being scary (Donnie Darko) or a band that got you through a breakup (Oasis).

This week's additions will be the final installment of our archive summer tees but we are excited to continue adding to the category in the near future and in coming seasons. Exploring the latest trends in a sustainable manner will remain at the core of our catalog as we continue to delve into past eras of fashion.

For more, you can check out our first and second archive tee drops and browse the complete vintage collection on our website.