It’s 11:32 a.m. on a recent Tuesday in New York City and James Harris needs to know where his Seasons bag is. According to UPS tracking, his bag was officially dropped off at the Seasons processing facility what I can only assume was 5 minutes ago.

He is (of course) asking very politely about the status of his bag, but this is a pressing matter: he has an idea for his next fit pic and a certain sweater in the catalog has piqued his interest. His sights are set and his blood pressure will not return to a healthy reading until the sweater is swapped into his rotation and back en route for him to flick up and rock over the next few weeks.

His bag is processed and cleared, his next reservation is placed. As if his wobbly legs just stepped off a euphoric menswear roller coaster, he admits that he “hasn’t felt a rush like that since the Our Legacy archive sale”.

A garment finding its way into a reservation bag belonging to either Harris or Lawrence Schlossman is a heat check we’re sure more than a few fellow Seasons members would be curious to know about. Being the people’s champs they are, the Throwing Fits co-hosts were happy to expose their zeitgeist-defining browser history in the name of taste democratization.

The Throwing Fits collection, a de-facto curation straight from the impulses of two jawnz veterans, includes a mix of warm and cold, new and old pieces. Whether you’re just starting out on your personal style journey, consider yourself a seasoned pro, or happen to be a retired professional podcaster, you can choose an item for your next bag with an extra stamp of approval.

Tap over to our website to browse the full collection and learn more about a few of the boys’ favorite pieces below.

Ami Paris Belted Coat

“Sometimes only the literal and metaphorical biggest coat available will do,” - Lawrence

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Auralee Suri Alpaca Shaggy Check Blouson

"The second I dropped off this Auralee jawn at the UPS store I broke down sobbing and became the Howie bling 'I'm so sad, I'm so fucked up' meme," - James

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Judy Turner Laurence Pullover

“Judy Turner doesn’t have me wishing for a burner because their knits are already hot fire,” - Lawrence

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Nanushka Hide Jacket

"Tired: Babushka boiz. Wired: Nanushka boiz," - James

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